Privacy Policy is well aware that you are concerned about how your personal information is used and shared. This is definitely our prime concern too and we take certain strict measures to safe guard your personal information. We do not misuse the information provided by you in any manner. We do not share or sell any of your information.
Your Personal Information We Collect
Whatever personal information we collect from our customers is only used to facilitate orders and to personalize and enhance the customers web experience. With an account that you create at the time of registration, you are provided with the login details, this enables you to operate your account and make a purchase using it every time you visit the website. We also ask information such as email, phone number and billing address at the time of purchase and confirm if it has already been given so that we can ascertain that all the details are accurate to ship you your order. We may use the information provided by you to send emails to you, if you have opted for them at the time of registration. We store your information in our secure database for future reference and use; you can contact us at any time if you want to remove your information from our database.
Your order with is secure, which means that your personal information and credit card number are encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security. The secured pages will show a secured URL ("https://") and a lock sign on your browser. When you enter your credit card number into the Order Form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted (scrambled) form, and then decoded when it gets to the server. Additionally, your credit card information is not transmitted via e-mail (which is not encrypted). Should you have any problem with your credit card charge, we will give you our prompt attention and work to resolve the issue. We want our customers and visitors to feel 100% safe and secure private when surfing our web site.
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